The Retail Experience

Stores will range from a minimum of 750 sq ft to a maximum of 3,500 sq ft.

Express Centers: 750 – 2,000 sq ft

  • Focused on customer convenience and best selling merchandise.

Experience Centers: 2,000 – 3,500 sq ft

  • Extensive product education, new product lines and accessories.

The Vibe by California experience will give customers the opportunity to gain product knowledge, browse new product lines, and shop an extensive range of accessories where permitted by applicable law.

Growth Strategy

Vibe's expansion strategy includes the acquisition of established dispensaries as well as organic growth of retail locations that satisfy the following criteria:

  • 250 minimum in-store customers per day
    +50 delivery customers per day

  • 80% of sales driven from preferred brands

  • $75 in-store average spend
    $110 delivery average spend

The California Market

Vibe is creating a dominant California cannabis retail network in the 5th largest economy in the world, driven by an affluent population of 40 million people and 250 million annual tourists.