About Vibe

Vibe by California

Vibe is a vertically integrated cannabis company whose mission is to become a dominant California cannabis retailer and multi-state operator. The company delivers exceptional retail experiences with its Vibe by California brand and ethos, premier cultivation product, and high-efficiency delivery and distribution. Vibe's management team brings expertise in retail, cannabis cultivation, and mergers and acquisitions to support its U.S. expansion through accretive acquisitions and organic growth.

Vibe’s shares trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the symbol: VIBE

Vibe by California Brand

The Vibe by California brand embodies the essence of California.  Inspired by the renowned carefree and playful California culture, good vibes emanate from the Vibe by California brand, design and image brand’s imagery.

Retail Consolidation

Vibe intends to consolidate existing dispensaries and develop new retail opportunities. Vibe is positioned for growth with a management team experienced at branding and scaling businesses.

Vertical Integration

Vibe’s supply chain is vertically integrated from cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution to retail and delivery.